Bhi Allergy Relief - 100 Tablets

Bhi allergy relief tablets help provide temporary respite from the effects of hayfever, including runny noses and watery eyes.Each pack of 100 tablets also can alleviate mild skin rashes and hives caused by allergies.For fast relief at the onset of symptoms, take one tablet every 30 minutes to 1 hour.Reduce the dosage to three tablets a day for consistent maintenance.
country of origin : united states of america
size : 100 tab
pack of : 1
selling unit : each
ingredients : 12x;200x;30x;antimonium crudum 10x;arnica montana;formicum acidum 8x;graphites 10x;histaminum hydrochloricum 8x;ignatia amara 6x;lactose;lappa major 8x;ledum palustre 8x;lycopodium clavatum 6x;magnesium stearate;pix liquida 10x;radix 6x;selenium metallicum 12x;sulphur 12x;sulphuricum acidum 30x;tellurium metallicum 10x.*thuja occidentalis 6x 16.7 mg each
keywords : cold;hayfever;hives;natural;sneezing

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