Hyland's Leg Cramps Pm - 50 Tablets

Hyland's nighttime leg cramp pm relief is designed to relieve symptoms of leg cramps, including limb and joint pain, calf and feet cramps and the sleeplessness associated with cramps.The formula is non-habit forming for your safety and health and is also quick-dissolving for convenience and ease of use.This recyclable box contains an 50 quick-dissolving leg cramp relief tablets, which should be taken before bed.
country of origin : united states of america
size : 50 tab
pack of : 1
selling unit : each
ingredients : acacia gum;calcarea carbonica 12x hpus purpose cramps in legs;calves;charley horse cramps lycopodium 12x hpus purpose disturbed;feet and toes causticum 12x hpus purpose occasional nocturnal sleeplessness chamomilla 6x hpus purpose leg cramps and pain at night cinchona officinalis 3x hpus purpose pain in limbs and joints cuprum metallicum 12x hpus purpose cramp limbs;frequent waking during night;lactose;restless sleep magnesia phosphorica 6x hpus purpose cramps in calves rhus toxicodendron 6x hpu
keywords : calf;feet;joints;limb;medical;pain;shin;sleeplessness

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