Lauras Wholesome Junk Food Cookie - Xtreme Chocolate Fudge - 7 Oz - Case Of 6

Laura’s wjf healthy cookies were created so everyone could have a great tasting, healthy snack.Our philosophy is to treat our customers like friends and family.When we bake our healthy cookies, you can taste the difference.Each healthy cookie starts from dr.Laura’s real life experiences – from events in her childhood, to encounters with real people struggling to eat healthy despite obstacles.How did we invent xtreme fudge bite-lettes ? dr.Laura tells the fun story of tasting fourteen different kinds of cocoa to create this healthy chocolate fudge cookie: “i started getting emails from people who had heard about my yummy healthy cookies and wanted to try them, but couldn’t because they were allergic to wheat.So, i started to think about what kind of healthy cookie i could create without wheat.We only use a very small amount of unbleached wheat flour in our original flavors, so i took out the wheat and substituted oat flour.Then i thought about the flavor.I had always loved chocolate, and hadn’t done much baking with cocoa at the time, so i decided to try creating a healthy chocolate fudge cookie.I started calling chocolate manufacturers and ended up talking to six or seven companies to find out what the best kind of chocolate would be for my healthy chocolate fudge cookie.It was definitely a learning experience.I discovered there were a number of belgian and dutch types of cocoa that might be suitable.So, i had the manufacturers send me samples, and to my surprise i ended up with fourteen, one to two pound bags of cocoa sitting in my office! it was a childhood dream come true—all that chocolate.My next step was to make chocolate syrup out of the different varieties and systematically test to see which ones had the best flavor.It was interesting to see the difference; some types of chocolate you could sample and in the next moment not even know you had eaten chocolate, the taste was so fleeting.Some had a terrific, chocolate taste that lingered in your mouth.After all that tasting, i feel like i was able to choose the best chocolate in the world for my healthy chocolate fudge cookies.”
country of origin : united states of america
is dairy free : yes
is kosher : yes
is vegan : yes
size : 7 oz
pack of : 6
selling unit : case
ingredients : 100% expeller pressed sunflower and/or canola oil;and monocalcium phosphate;cane sugar;citric acid;cocoa butter;corn starch;dark chocolate chips;dates;grape juice concentrate;lecithin* and vanilla;lemon oil;natural vanilla flavor;non-aluminum baking powder;oat flour;rice syrup;rolled oats;sea salt;sodium acid pyrophosphate;sodium bicarbonate;soy powder;soy protein isolate;unsweetened chocolate;unsweetened cocoa;unsweetened coconut;vanilla extract;water
keywords : candy;healthy;snacks;sweet;treats

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